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AUREUS+ is an experienced outsourcing provider with a nationwide scope in Slovakia, which provides integrated software solutions for businesses and public authorities. AUREUS+ is a company of the future and follows a trend from rigid, process-oriented structure, towards becoming a versatile customer-driven organization. We achieve our goals by merging functional areas, simplifying processes, and coordinating resources to rapidly deliver new and innovative products and services. We bring our clients and partners new innovation-as-service approach.

Our company has a unique structure, which is tailor-made for the successful implementation of various kinds of projects. Diversity and inclusion are in our DNA, a part of who we are and essential to our workplace culture which makes us feel more comfortable and allows us to connect and partner with our peers, invest and move our business forward. We firmly believe that the IT staff of the future must be allowed to wander across domains and adapt to new environments, while also maintaining a wide field of vision to identify, coordinate, and deploy IT resources when and where needed.

reliability and innovation


As an ICT provider, we are focusing on the technological solutions, which offer the best value for reliability and innovation. Each project is unique and therefore ”out-of-the-box“ thinking is part of our DNA. In our company, we firmly believe that every client is a partner. It’s a pillar of our company and a passion of our employees. We reach beyond products and services when dealing with the client’s or partner’s needs, we narrow in on specificities and create a tailor-made approach using creativity, mutual trust and transparency.

Artificial intelligence is continually improving, and it powers more applications and machines each day. IoT devices are becoming more and more widespread. Cybersecurity is a steadily busy field. IT trends in business will reshape the future of commerce and industries.

We have built our company by maintaining consistency across all our services and platforms. The goal is to bring innovative approach and isolate the client from distractions. By maintaining the highest IT and security standards available on the market, we allow our clients to maximize the growth and embrace the results.





AUREUS+ is the only European company that has implemented and maintained a Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Information Security Management System (ISO 270001) specifically for the scope of “Integrated software solutions for business and public administration bodies, design, implementation and management of ICT systems and for the services of the ID issuer in supplying the generation of the unique identifiers, registering Economic operators and their facilities and machines, maintenance of the Register, interoperability with industrial large-scale production lines and the traceability system with analytics of big data for business and public administration bodies in accordance to EU TPD”.



National Security Authority in Slovak republic (NBU) granted our company, its representatives and employees the Security Clearance in the classification level Confidential and Restricted.



AUREUS+ implemented the ITIL methodology and certified its employees for maintaining the procedures. ITIL describes processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists which are neither organization-specific nor technologyspecific, but can be applied by an organization toward strategy, delivering value, and maintaining a minimum level of competency. It allows the organization to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement, and measure. It is used to demonstrate compliance and to measure improvement.



AUREUS+ has implemented and certified its leading employees in the PRINCE2 project management methodology. PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured project management method and practitioner certification program. PRINCE2 emphasizes dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages for the purposes of time and cost-effective implementations.

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+Private cloud provider

Private cloud

Private cloud computing model is best for businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that require direct control over their environments, typically to meet complex security, business governance or regulatory compliance requirements. AUREUS+ company understands that clients require highest level of trust and discretion. Our solution is based not only on the verified data centers designed and operated with the aim of maintaining the highest level of existing standards, but also on the balancing of all the influences such as workflow, human resources and unique internal processes.

+Mission critical hosting


We are the provider of cluster server infrastructure, its architecture and maintenance as an integral support for the projects, which require uninterrupted operation. By implementing clusters of servers, we guarantee a back-line defense against potential interruptions or intrusions. This service secures smooth operation and provides the safety of client’s operations. By implementing latest state of the art security protocols which are regularly updated to accomodate for the emerging and new threats, AUREUS+ is able to secure seemless operation of your business. If your success depends on your online services, Mission critical hosting is the solution for you. We not only ensure availability of your applications and platforms, but we also continuously optimize performance and security. Important changes and optimizations are always meticulously prepared, tested and implemented in close cooperation with our clients.

+AI monitoring 24/7/365


Critical systems naturally require continuous monitoring by a surveillance system that evaluates and records the history of the use of the system resources of the infrastructure. At the same time, it analyses the availability of system resources and allows, under the specified rules, to notify the operator of a new situation that could lead to a failure. Using the A.I. technology based on the neural networks we are able to forecast the potential future issues and client’s service failures. Proactive A.I. monitoring services are offered by AUREUS+ via an oversight centre with uninterrupted operation in the form of monitoring and helpdesk. Our oversight system allows for easy diagnostics and resolution of potential issues with your network via the monitoring of performance network interruptions and statistics utilization.

+Big data and enterprise cloud backup and disaster recovery


Part of our company profile is to bring digital revolution to customers. Without understanding how to generate, process, manipulate, store and secure large amount of data it would not be possible. Therefore, AUREUS+ guarantees system availability, data integrity, administration and configuration up to 24/7/365. The service of Backup storage provides a reliable backup and quick recovery of your business data. Thanks to a very simple but secure disk-to-disk backup system, you can do business without stress and unnecessary problems. The service will help protect not only business data, but also applications, databases, and other important system data. Improve your ability to handle data while saving time, money and resources.

+Blockchain encryption


Advanced encryption secures that sensitive data are protected from unauthorised access by third parties. Adopting advanced cryptographic tools and using a method of encryption, we transform data in order to be able to limit the access to the data, solely and exclusively to the specificities of every project. Access is subsequently distributed to a list of users. A specific key designed to encode the encrypted data is supplied to the user. We implement the most advanced tools on the market, therefore, regularly updating and maintaining the security of our system.

+Managed security


The goal of Managed Security is to protect the customer and its network against the challenges of today's digital world, such as viruses, ransomware, spyware, fraudulent emails, hackers, identity thieves and others. In this case, it is a comprehensive service involving configuration, hardware rental, and subsequent management. Our managed security services provides our clients and partners with unparalleled security intelligence and situational awareness across security posture. Our experienced teams are agile, analytical and they are led to continuously challenge the status quo and actively cooperate with our clients. Within Managed Security, AUREUS+ offers a professional security appliance that can provide holistic prevention, instruction, inspection and security solutions tailormade for the customer needs.

+Virtual Data Centres

data centers

Virtual Data Centre provides and offers first-class computing and network resources located in modern data centers across the European Union. With this service, you get a scalable environment comprised of VDCPU, RAM, Data Stores, and Network Components to host your applications and to increase efficiency of your business. Because of virtualization you will be able to cut down management costs and other expenses. Another benefit is given by the opportunity of optimizing resources, both at hardware and virtual level which will eventually lead to more flexible and performing system. Our clients and partners can rely on our team of experts and focus solely on their core bussiness with total peace of mind.

+Research and innovations


We believe that research and innovation is the essential part of our company strategy and progress. Only by maintaining a systematic involvement in scientific projects, including projects, which combine information technologies and industry or health sector. A.I. can play a very important role, not only in automotive industry, but also in the health care. We are connecting the world of artificial intelligence and neuron networks with the industrial machines by creating autonomous system for inspection, forecasting, maintenance and operation. Fully encrypted, mobile and autonomous data centers ideally complement the environment of the industry of tomorrow.



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