AUREUS.forms Electronic forms solution

+AUREUS.forms is a flexible and reliable solution that simplifies your work with electronic forms. Working with +AUREUS.forms does not require knowledge of the code and is user friendly, while it is also able to dynamically respond to changes and actively collect and evaluate defined data.

+AUREUS.forms portal software is focused on complex administration, simple design, editing and publication of various types of forms, including the necessary implementation on various identity providers, public administration systems ( or the private sector (various types of IAM, SAML2 and alike).

+AUREUS.forms is suitable as a part of existing solutions, but also as a self-deployable portal solution, whether in the cloud or on the premise.

According to the access rights in terms of authentication, it allows you to assign users different rights from ADMIN to the end user who fills out a specific form. Of course, there is an e-mail and SMS notification of specific parameters or requests for completion, adjustment and alike.

+AUREUS.forms is able to design, manage and process electronic forms using data-bound controls. Main advantage of our solution is the automatic adaptation of the CSS template on the target website. The portal solution +AUREUS.forms is suitable for the design of responsive forms as well as the so-called Pixel perfect forms (used mainly in public administration).
Our solution can be adapted to your specific needs. It is therefore intended not only for individual customers from the private sector, but also for public administration.

Responsive design

Delineation is optimized for all types of devices

User friendly

Simple and clear environment for the creator as well as the recipient


High level of protection and security

  • Public administration bodies
  • Users

The portals of public administration bodies include a number of forms that are used to collect data and information and their subsequent evaluation.

In order to improve services and simplify communication with citizens, it is necessary to set the simplest possible conditions and build a digital environment that is user-friendly and easy to use. +AUREUS.forms solution is suitable as a tool for simple design, management and publication of electronic forms. Our solution meets the requirements set forth in the ID-SK Unified Design Manual of Electronic Services and websites.

When communicating with public authorities and the private sector, users require flexible and secure solutions that are also easily accessible and usable.

Our solutions provide a user-friendly interface that meets the latest standards while maintaining a high level of data security and transparency in information processing.

Simplifies work with electronic forms
Supports standard web browsers using HTML v5 standards
Allows you to create forms via drag & drop
Scalability according to individual customer needs
Flexible integration into any other database and systems
Ensures high level of security through Client server technology
High protection thanks to easy connection to provider identities
Suitable for the design of responsive, or so-called Pixel perfect forms
  • Designer
  • Publisher
  • Portal
  • Business intelligence

It is used to propose and design of the individual forms. It is possible to manage the visual aspect of the forms as well as the data scheme and its verification in a simple way. It also provides many other functionalities in integration, validation or rule definition.

The module is used for automatic rendering of the proposed form in the form of HMTL 5 code and its publication on the target website.

Comprehensive forms managment, including forms publication validity definitions, user group circles, notification rule definitions, real-time versioning and evaluation via native BI.

An application integrated into a portal solution, which is used to evaluate written data in real time based on pre-prepared data models. The application is able to visualize the results as well as provide active information about the filling process. The data can be combined with any other database to compare and correlate outputs.

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